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March 19, 2019
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Are you looking for a gift for a man? Maybe an old man? Maybe young man? Is he a geezer, or not? Well, we’ve trawled the internet and come up with some gifts for a man that you might not have though of.

Low price (under £10)

Under £10 gifts for men are everywhere. Much of it is rubbish, some of it is cheap and nasty, but a lot of it is unique and interesting, and would make the ideal gift for a man / geezer.

So why not try something truly unique and get the geezer in your life a piece of Signed memorabilia. Any follower of a team or sport would like a signed book or photo. Click here for a fairly inexpensive mix of books and signatures.

If they want to get up close and personal, then there’s a number of stadium tours available at the larger clubs. Liverpool stadium tour and museum entry for 2 is a good value for money tour for a Liverpool fan. Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, are all available, and soon I’m sure will be the amazing new stadium at Spurs. Not only that but Wimbledon and Cricket grounds such as The Oval are also available. Click here to see them all.

Failing that, if the geezer in question prefers his booze, then try a very inexpensive – but still interesting – option in the Special offer brewery or winery tour

Medium Price gifts (£50 to £100 gifts)

When I say medium price, I mean in the £50 gift bracket, give or take a few quid. So, we’re looking at adventure days, days out or something unique and meaningful that the geezer in your world hasn’t thought of before. If he likes his beer, then how about Brew a beer day (£99). As the old adage goes, give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for life. Give a man a beer, he drinks for a day…well, you get the point!

If he doesn’t like beer, how about a once in a lifetime experience for a reasonable cost, in the Flight Simulator (£55) experience. Or alternatively, there’s the Rally driving (£99) experience.

If they don’t appeal, and if your man is a little on the geeky side, then how about 2 for 1 Crystal Maze live experience, currently on offer

Expensive gifts for men

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a man for a special occasion? Maybe a special birthday. Well, this is the one for you. Dragster experience If you want pure adrenaline pumping fun. Be sure to pack a pants if they go on this day! If you’re looking for something more cultured and sophisticated, and a little easier on the underwear, then try this, it’s a 5 star London theatre break.

But frankly, if you have a couple of grand to spare, and you want the ultimate gift for a bloke, then try this! It’s the ultimate in flying experiences, a Jet Flight in Germany. Let’s face it, not too many of us can afford this, but wow, if you can this truly would be a once in a lifetime experience.

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