London Location Photoshoot Experience
London Location Photoshoot Experience
March 13, 2019
Learn How To Drift - Introductory Course
Learn How To Drift – Introductory Course
March 13, 2019
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Southampton Powerboat Ultimate Experience

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If you’re looking for a fun and exciting day out and a chance to get your blood pumping as you compete against your friends, then this triple powerboat experience really is the ultimate in water-based fun! During this adrenaline-fuelled experience you will get the opportunity to drive three awesome powerboats and learn all the fundamental skills involved in handling such remarkable vehicles. With its 300hp supercharged engine and smooth aerodynamic design, the Saber Hypercat is one of the fastest commercial powerboats in the world and guarantees you both speed AND style; the Saber Thunderbolt is a unique high-performance inflatable catamaran that can accelerate and change direction astonishingly quickly, enabling you to have fun racing through the surf; the Honda BF150 likes to be driven ‘on edge’ and you will have a blast racing against your friends on two different offshore circuits. Create a real splash with this exhilarating and enjoyable experience!

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