Childrens Quad Biking in Northumberland
Childrens Quad Biking in Northumberland
March 14, 2019
Bristol John Monroe's Office Escape Game For 2
Bristol John Monroe’s Office Escape Game For 2
March 14, 2019
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Weekend Top Gun Flight Experience – Goodwood


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This is your chance to fly like a fighter pilot! Anyone who has watched Top Gun, or marvelled at the glorious Red Arrows as they soar through the skies, has quite possibly fantasised about being the pilot in the cockpit. Aerobatic flying is amazing to watch, and even more amazing to perform! With this superb aerobatic experience, valid for a weekend booking, you can don a flying suit just like Maverick’s and fly a Bulldog plane yourself! The Bulldog is a low-wing monoplane that has been used by 10 different Air forces, and in some cases was equipped with rockets and 7.62mm machine guns! But don’t worry, the Bulldog you will be flying in is purely used for aerobatic flying and airborne fun – no guns! You will be taught by ex-military instructors, who will demonstrate a formation take-off as well as some close-formation flying, before teaching you how to fly aerobatics yourself. Perform some aerobatics yourself, before trying out a spot of tail-chasing – serious Top Gun action.

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